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DHS Chooses eMagin-equipped Nivisys TAM-14

eMagin Corporation (AMEX:EMA) and Nivisys Industries today announced the award to Nivisys of a production contract for thermal imaging systems from the Department of Homeland Security for Border Patrol.  The Department of Homeland Security chose the lightweight, rugged TAM-14 thermal acquisition monocular from Nivisys. To deliver thermal images clearly and efficiently, the TAM-14 employs a low-power, high-resolution, rugged OLED microdisplay from eMagin Corporation. The multi-year contract calls for delivery of up to a thousand units over a five-year period with deliveries beginning in December 2005.  “Our TAM-14 monocular is ideal to meet the growing demand for thermal imagers.

It provides optimal performance on minimal power,” said Byron Harding, president, Nivisys Industries, LLC. “It delivers crisp images instantly at startup, regardless of ambient temperature. The ruggedness and low power consumption of OLED displays make them ideal for our thermal imager’s extended use on night patrols.” The TAM-14 delivers IR imagery immediately at startup and operates continuously up to six hours on two standard lithium batteries. It can be quickly adapted to head gear, helmets, weapons, video output, extender lenses and other equipment. The basic system delivers 1.5X magnification over a 17-degree field of view. Other options include a 0.5x lens for a wide field of view, a 3X lens, and a 3X lens extender.

The TAM-14 is available in configurations that enable the user to assign temperature colors and provide standard NTSC video output for surveillance applications.  “Our OLED microdisplays continue to deliver the power efficiency and ruggedness needed for defense and security programs,” said Susan Jones, eMagin’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “As with other military programs such as the US Army’s Land Warrior and Mounted Warrior, performance comparisons with legacy display technologies underscore the superiority of OLED microdisplays for thermal imaging and situational awareness.”

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